Saturday, November 27, 2021

LOST & FOUND Your Sky remote has a HID speaker so you’ll never lose it – how to make it beep

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Do you keep losing your Sky remote control? It’s easy to find again … if you know how.

Every Sky Q remote has a built-in trick to help you find it in seconds.

It means you’ll never lose it again – unless you accidentally got it miles from your home.

But if you drop it on the back of the sofa or accidentally throw it in the kitchen bucket, you can uncover it.

The remote control has a built-in loudspeaker that can beep if it is lost.

All you have to do is activate the function via your Sky-Box.

The remote beeps loudly for 30 seconds so you can find it quickly.

That means you spend less time turning sofa cushions upside down.

If you’ve lost your Sky Q remote control, don’t panic.

First of all, make sure your house is quiet so you can hear the beep.

Then press the Q button on the front of your Sky Q box.

After a few seconds, your paired Sky Q Touch / Sky Q remote control with voice control will beep.

This beep only lasts 30 seconds. If you cannot find it during this time, you will have to restart the process.

If it doesn’t work at all, your Sky Q remote’s battery may be dead.

It is also possible that the Sky Q remote control is no longer in the building and cannot be reached by the Sky Q-Box.

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