Monday, June 27, 2022

LION KING I’ve driven the Peugeot 308 SW – it’s a DIESEL but I think that makes it brilliant

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Politics has made the diesel as attractive as genital warts – and everyone wants an SUV.

So the French are giving us a brand new diesel station wagon. Brilliant.

A car that covers really long distances and offers a lot of usable space. It might prevail.

Peugeot deserves credit for continuing to offer family-friendly cars of all shapes and sizes and in all flavors.

A 308 hatchback is already available as a petrol, diesel or plug-in hybrid, and a purely electric vehicle is to follow next year.

Would you like to sit a little higher?

Choose the 3008 SUV. Underneath is a 308. Sitting a little higher in a trendy SUV coupe?

Wait for the 408 to come soon. Including a 308. “Actually, you would like to have a normal 308, but you need a bigger trunk?

Try the 308SW (Station Wagon) seen here. We tested the diesel because it suits the car perfectly.

It’ll do 60mpg and 600 miles on one tank. Dodging a pit stop is crucial when fuel prices are getting silly.

It’s also smooth and relaxed. Not rickety. And it goes on forever.

Also, ignore the political gossip because the latest diesel engines are a lot cleaner than they would lead you to believe.

The plug-in hybrid is a good company car.

It will do 40 miles as an EV, so the in-kind tax is eight percent. But a piece of space is lost in the trunk floor.

The diesel station wagon swallows 608 liters with the rear seat folded up, the plug-in hybrid 548 liters.

Speaking of the numbers, the 308’s hatch is 412 liters. All versions have 40/20/40 split rear seats.

Fold them flat and you have almost as much room as a hearse.

The 308 hatch starts a little under £25,000 for the 1.2-litre petrol. The property costs £26,000.

In the front they are identical. Well styled, technically advanced and super comfortable.

Not quite Audi level, but still very nice.

Below the 10-inch touchscreen is an additional row of shortcut switches.

Two phones can be connected via Bluetooth at the same time.

Adaptive cruise control is your friend for long motorway journeys.

But I don’t like Peugeot’s obsession with small steering wheels.

They don’t work for taller drivers who like to sit low – like moi – because you foolishly have to set the steering wheel low to see the dials.

You can’t beat the designers in other areas, though, as this mid-spec Allure Premium looks great inside and out.

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