Sunday, May 8, 2022

LIFE’S A BEACH Our beach car park has increased their rates by 270% – it’s a shame… parking should be FREE

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ANGRY locals have been cornered after council leaders hiked their beach parking rates by 270 per cent.

Those driving to Colwyn Bay in North Wales now have to pay £3.70 to park for around four hours.

That’s a 270 per cent increase for those who normally pay just an hour, as the council scrapped the £1 summer fee and 50p winter fee.

Locals now have to pay for the full four hours even if they don’t want to stay that long.

One swimming group has now slammed the price hike as many of their members typically only use the car park for around an hour.

The Colwyn Bay Blue Tits are now planning a protest and have branded the move “disgusting”.

Moira Cavanagh beamed: “This is going to affect people’s health. All research says that cold water swimming is good for the circulatory system and mental health.

“We have a lot of people in the group who say cold water swimming has changed their lives. Not everyone can afford to pay that. It is always the poor who are affected.

“We think this rule is discriminatory as there are many people with reduced mobility either walking or swimming near prom, many of whom do not qualify for a blue plaque.

“But this is her only chance to get some fresh air and improve her well-being.

“As the advice is designed to promote well-being, we believe it will have the opposite effect as many people will be deterred by the payment and will not be able to exercise.”

Other locals also attacked the council to increase the charges.

School teacher Leah Shepherd said: “It is disgusting that the Council has increased parking fees.

“We must encourage local parents to take their children to the beach and fresh air. Out here they get to know the sea and nature. But the way the economy is right now, it’s just an extra price that many can’t afford.”

While David Jones, 59, a retired engineer, said: “We come here to the beach two or three times a month. I think the increased fees are terrible and will hit the working class with more pressure on their disposable income.

“When we’ve been here before, I’ve seen the brave cold-water swimming group. I think they’re mostly retired ladies, and that’s really going to get in their pockets and spoil the fun of the swim group.”

Conwy Council said locals could buy an annual parking permit for a specific car park, for on-street parking or for all of its car parks in the county.

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