Thursday, December 22, 2022

Lauren Goodger reveals her healthy new meal swaps after vowing to feel ‘sexy’ again

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LAUREN Goodger has given fans a glimpse of her healthy meal swaps after vowing to feel “sexy” again.

The 36-year-old former Towie star is working hard on her diet and exercise regimen after a year of overcoming tragedy.

Lauren recently shared snaps of the kind of food she’s eating these days after starting working with personal trainer Lotan Carter.

On her Instagram, the mother of one-year-old Larose showed how she rustled different dishes.

The first was a baked sweet potato, which has a lower glycemic index than a regular potato, which she topped with low-fat tuna mayo.

For a healthy side, she added some arugula leaves.

Another video showed Lauren preparing a fish dish with salmon, peas and coconut milk.

She then added noodles to the dish, showing that she doesn’t cut carbs and eats everything in moderation.

Lotan acknowledged how hard Lauren works on his own social media.

Lotan shared a snap of him exercising the reality star at the park, captioning the snap: “I’m not sure where to begin with this wonderful human being.

“My journey with Lauren has begun and I can categorically say that I have never known so much power. She desires nothing more than to have a happier, healthier life for herself and her baby girl.

“Her attitude is really inspiring, she’s just a ‘normal girl’ (her words, I’m not sure I agree) with a huge smile and a bubbly personality.”

Lauren recently opened up about her desire to feel sexy again and to get rid of her breast implants.

She revealed herself again! Magazine: “I want to get a little bit slimmer and then I’m going to get my implants out. I’m over big boobs and big butts now. I’m so over this look.

“I want to look sexy – I’m single!”

Lauren has been going through a devastating time over the past year after losing her second child, Lorena, shortly after birth.

The newborn was born with her umbilical cord around her neck.

She admits she struggled to eat after the tragedy as she struggled with her grief, but is now working with a personal trainer to take care of herself.

The star says she’s now eating “smaller portions,” cooking from scratch and doing bodyweight training.

Lauren says this involves “a lot of squats, ball lifting, stretching, and then boxing.”

The added benefit was an increase in her mental health.

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