Saturday, August 6, 2022

JAG JOY I tracked down my dad’s Jaguar XF after it was stolen – but then he was hit with a £60 speeding ticket

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A DAUGHTER managed to track down her elderly father’s Jaguar after thieves stole it from his driveway – but not before the joyriders collected a £60 parking ticket.

Becky Harrington, from Bournemouth, Dorset, has been dubbed a ‘detective’ and ‘Bournemouth’s very own Poirot’ after chasing a stolen car in four days.

Her father Harry, 72, was heartbroken when his “pride and joy” – a £12,000 Jaguar XF – was stolen from the driveway overnight.

He’d just bought that shiny new car back in 2020, so Becky took matters into her own hands and started taking care of herself.

Amazingly, the daughter-turned-detective managed to discover the missing vehicle, abandoned but undamaged, within days of her disappearance.

The pair were then shocked when Harry ended up with a £60 parking ticket, which was stolen by the Joyriding thieves at 3.30am the night he disappeared.

The burglars appear to have broken into the fancy Start Button Jag and zoomed away in the dark, but threw it off after being snapped by speed cameras.

Becky told The Sun how she took to social media to spread the word about the theft.

The mother-of-two said: “I started a social media campaign, I added myself to every group I could find, I went to local gas stations, I went to shops, I drove around with a photo of the car .

“I put it all over Facebook and I mean the post got over 200 shares on a For Sale page.

“It just went through my head, a thousand shares in just a few hours. I sat there and divided it into 20, 30, 40, 50 groups at a time.”

Becky’s posts quickly took off, and someone even came forward with a tip.

A local told her they saw the conspicuous four-wheeler being driven at 5:30 a.m. the morning it was recorded, so Becky narrowed her search to that area.

But miraculously, a conversation with a local gave the final clue.

Becky’s father had a chance conversation with a cab driver who had seen the missing Jag leave somewhere nearby.

After Harry convinced him that he was indeed the owner, the cab driver took him to see it.

Becky said: “I got him a cab home from my house so I’m so glad I didn’t let him walk.

“Everyone said that the taxi driver should come to you.”

The car had been dumped and left in a mess with the door open but there was no real damage.

The 32-year-old added: “The interior has been kicked around a bit and there are a few scratches here and there but we’re just glad it’s really back.

“We just gushed. We couldn’t believe it. What are the chances that the car is intact, can drive back and hasn’t burned out or anything?

“We just got rewarded for not really giving up. As funny as it sounds, it was just too hot a car around here.

“People would have seen it because we got it [the photo] everywhere out there – to the point where the cab driver noticed.”

Social media users who had been following Becky’s tireless campaign rallied around the news that the car had been found after all, and hailed Becky’s investigative skills.

One wrote: “Saw this on fb lol hats off to lass dug straight in and found the goods!”

Others praised the devoted daughter, saying, “Well done Becky xxxx” and “Can I have your autograph Beckyy Harrington?”

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