Monday, November 28, 2022

Jack Grealish’s disabled fan Finlay Fisher, 11, left the England star’s call in amazement after a special celebration

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ENGLAND star Jack Grealish made his biggest fan’s day as he sat down for a personal video call with the lucky youngster.

The Three Lions and Man City ace celebrated his special goal celebration in a nod to young Finlay Fisher on Monday after scoring against Iran.

Young Finlay, 11, who has cerebral palsy, wrote to Grealish after learning his idol’s sister has the same condition.

The youngster, who plays disability football at Manchester City, had a chance to meet Grealish earlier this month and asked him to throw a special celebration for his next goal.

When Grealish was at home in England for the opening match of the World Cup, he shook his arms as he performed the celebration dubbed “The Finlay”.

And on Tuesday, Finlay was left stunned after the former Aston Villa star personally video-called him for a chat.

“I liked your goal,” he said to Grealish, who replied, “Nah, you liked the celebration more!”

He joked that little Finlay had “been everywhere for the last 24 hours, you’re famous now” before asking him if he thought he’d do the celebration.

“I thought you forgot,” he admitted.

Finlay almost missed the magic moment as he got out of the hospital just in time to watch the game.

He injured his leg on Monday morning and only got home from the emergency room ten minutes before kick-off.

Grealish revealed Monday’s celebration almost didn’t happen as he almost scored for City against Chelsea last week.

“I just felt like I was going to score but I didn’t score,” he said. “To be fair I didn’t think I was going to score yesterday because the game was a bit over when I came on.

“So I was keen to score and then I could do my little celebration just for you. It was always in the back of my mind, mate.”

Finlay also asked Grealish how he found Qatar, to which he replied, “It’s hot.”

He added that his England team-mates are “buzzing” and just “looking forward to the next game now”.

Finlay revealed during the call that he was wearing the signed City shirt that Grealish had given him.

After a few minutes, Grealish ended the call as he had to shoot down to an English team meeting in ten minutes.

Fin looked like a star after talking to his hero.

It comes after the Premier League shared footage of the couple meeting in person, with the City star Finlay saying he would dedicate a celebration to him if he scores the next goal.

Initially, Finlay hilariously asked Grealish to do the worm dance, but after the England star admitted he couldn’t, Finlay settled for an arm shake.

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