Wednesday, November 30, 2022

I’ve spent thousands on my epic football jersey collection… I have 500 jerseys and I wore one every day in time for the World Cup

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A FOOTBALL fanatic who spent thousands on his epic jersey collection wore a different one every day for a YEAR leading up to the World Cup.

Antonio Massari, 36, has scoured the world to bag shirts from the biggest clubs to cover up local ones, amassing a whopping 500 tops in the process.


Footie-mad Antonio Massari has accumulated more than 500 jerseys from around the world[/caption]


The 36-year-old challenged himself to wear a different jersey every day ahead of the 2022 World Cup[/caption]


He even donned a 2009 Wales shirt on Christmas Day to fulfill his promise[/caption]

The superfan has spent over £10,000 on his ever-growing wardrobe to ensure he can wear a football shirt every day.

He has dedicated his life and fashion sense to beautiful football but decided to take it a step further ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The dedicated fan even wore a shirt – a 2009 Wales shirt – on Christmas Day to fulfill his football shirt fantasy.

Antonio challenged himself to wear a different shirt every day for a year and ended his stupid quest in October.



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That gave the Portsmouth and Inter Milan fan plenty of time to relax ahead of kick-off in Qatar on 20 November.

The 36-year-old has vowed to stay in front of his TV at his home in Portsmouth, Hampshire, throughout the tournament.

But the Italian admitted he’s already missed wearing his beloved shirts after returning to his regular attire.

Antonio explained: “When I started my challenge, I didn’t think it would end just before the World Cup.

“But I found that it fits really well. I will definitely follow and watch every single game.

“The tournaments are the best – you get to see a lot of different teams and discover new players.

“Now that I’ve completed this challenge, I’m back to wearing normal t-shirts and it feels weird not to be wearing a football shirt.

“I’m already thinking about what challenge I’ll take on next – after the World Cup, of course.”

To celebrate the completion of his challenge, which he documented on his @365footballshirts Instagram account, he wore a very special jersey on the final day.

He proudly donned a Milan women’s jersey given to him by a close friend after she wore it in her last game before retiring from the sport.

Antonio enthused: “It’s important to realize that women’s teams are good too.

“I love football shirts because I find them beautiful, colorful – sometimes even elegant.

They all have stories – it’s not just a piece of clothing.

Anton Massari

“They represent a country, a city or a group of people – they all have different meanings.

“They all have stories — it’s not just a piece of clothing.”

Antonio started collecting football shirts as a child after receiving them as gifts for birthdays and Christmas.

It has fueled his obsession with hoarding kits from around the world, which have now passed into adulthood.

In over 100 different countries, he hunts down unique or obsolete jerseys in a variety of ways, including scouring charity and collectible stores.

Antionio continued: “I love football but I like football shirts even more than the game itself.

“A lot of people collect shirts but they don’t wear them – I want to change that.

“Now I have so many that it’s difficult to find a jersey for a team I don’t already have.”

As he prepares for the first game this Sunday when hosts Qatar take on Ecuador, Antonio’s love of the game remains as strong as ever.

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He added: “I’ll watch every single game wherever I can. Soccer is just the best.

“Even games where I don’t support either team – I love that I can watch it with an open mind and still enjoy it.”


The 36-year-old collected football shirts as a child[/caption]


Antonio wore his beloved Portsmouth shirt which he bought after the south coast team won the FA Cup in the 2007/08 season[/caption]


The Italian wants to watch every single game during the World Cup[/caption]

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