Friday, January 13, 2023

I’ve been to every country in the world – there’s one special piece I always travel with

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A MAN who has traveled to every country in the world revealed what he always does when he travels abroad.

Entrepreneur and investor Jim Kitchen has traveled to all 193 UN-recognized countries and even traveled to space as a tourist.

And he never travels without a certain item in a certain place that other vacationers might not want to try.

When setting out on his adventures, Jim always slips a spare credit card into the bottom of a pair of tennis shoes.

That way he can still pay if his wallet and everything else gets stolen.

He told Bloomberg: “I always put a credit card in the bottom of a pair of tennis shoes so that if all hell breaks loose – like I’m robbed and everything gets stolen – if they don’t take my shoes, I’m probably fine, because.” then at least I have a credit card to buy a ticket or get something.”

Jim also revealed that he is personalizing his card with a picture of him and his family so he can use it as ID as well.

He continued: “It’s also a Visa card that you can personalize with a photo.

“I have a picture of me and my family on it, so it’s going to be a kind of visual ID as well. At worst, I can say, ‘Hey, yes, that’s me’. It has my name and photo on it.”

Another travel expert revealed what other people can do smart about shoes while on vacation.

Travel show host Samantha Brown uses shoes to ensure she empties the hotel safe at the end of a stay.

In a video on her Instagram (@samanthabrowntravels), she explains how she remembers putting a shoe in her safe with her essentials before returning home.

She said: “When I stay in a hotel, I use the hotel safe.

“I put my passport in there, my travel wallet with all my credit cards… and my laptop.

“And the most important thing I put in the hotel safe is a travel shoe.

“Believe me, you will check out of the hotel, you will go to the airport and you will forget your passport, your wallet, all your credit cards, money, your laptop, but you will not forget to put on your travel shoes.”

The key to the trick is to put one of the shoes you will be wearing to the airport in the safe and make sure you open it before making your return journey.

Meanwhile, a Tiktok user showed how hard she tries to make sure nobody breaks into her hotel room.

And this £1 household item could also help keep you safe in your hotel room.

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