Wednesday, November 30, 2022

I’ve been given veneers, but there’s so much I wasn’t told beforehand – I wouldn’t have had them done if I knew

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WHEN Chelsea Smith decided to have veneers, she thought she knew everything about the popular dental procedure and that there would be no problems.

But now, with false teeth falling out one by one, she’s realized there’s a lot the experts didn’t tell her before — and wishes she’d never had them done.

Veneers are growing in popularity, with thousands paying fortunes for “perfect” teeth – but how safe are they, really?
Looking back, Chelsea wished she had never had them done

The LA-based lifestyle enthusiast (@chelc.smithh) warned fellow beauty lovers and took to TikTok to share her story.

“So I was just eating ramen and for some reason my teeth were banging together as I was chewing and made the worst sound I’ve ever heard.”

As she explained in the video, it was at that moment that Chelsea realized her top veneer had chipped off, leaving her with a huge gap in her smile.

While it’s not a “big deal” for her as she can just put it back on, it wasn’t the first time something like this had happened – sometimes even brushing the teeth causes the veneers to fly off.

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Since Chelsea had to have her done earlier this year, in April, she’s been in “such an ordeal” with the new smile that she wants others to be more informed before making the decision to pay for veneers.

“Obviously you understand how freaking expensive they are and how much time it actually takes to complete them.

“At this point I’m ready to take them all out, give me dentures and let me live my life.

“Because I have to be in front of the camera, I have to do that for work and […] I just roll around without a tooth.

“Not to mention it’s painful,” she added.

“It’s uncomfortable, it’s super sensitive, there’s no more enamel covering that tooth so it’s just exposed.

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“If I knew what I know about veneers now I probably wouldn’t have gotten them,” Chelsea admitted in the caption.

Her candid video has since taken the social media giant by storm, racking up over 411,000 views and hundreds of comments in just over a week.

Many rushed to share their thoughts on the awkward situation the woman was in, writing: “You will need crowns to cover the whole tooth. They are the only ones that endure.

“All my veneers have chipped off too!”

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