Wednesday, December 8, 2021

ISS astronauts take emergency precautions amid debris alarms

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Astronauts aboard the International Space Station were forced to take emergency precautions while being warned of dangerous space debris.

The crew in both the Russian and American sections of the station went into the Soyuz and SpaceX Crew Dragon capsules in case the debris collided with the ISS. You have been instructed to protect yourself from fear of collision in space.

You have now returned to the main train station and, according to live broadcasts by NASA, of the conversations between the crew and ground control, there were no signs of a collision.

The cloud of debris appears to pass the ISS on a regular 90-minute schedule while both orbit the earth, NASA said. As a result, operations had not returned to normal – some parts of the ISS were still cordoned off – but the on-site engineers seemed confident that the threat was largely over.

The trials come in the face of increasing concerns about the risk of space debris for both people in space and those on the ground. The increasing number of satellites above the earth – and the relatively limited resources to clean them up – mean that the changes in a collision always increase and the consequences of such a crash can be significant.

The most recent events on the ISS come just days after Roskosmos said the ISS had to increase its orbital altitude by more than a kilometer to avoid another collision with debris. On November 10, it evaded a piece of a Chinese weather satellite that was destroyed in 2007.

These maneuvers were carried out two days before the expected approach of the satellite debris. However, if a possible collision is detected without such an announcement, astronauts may be forced to seek shelter in their spaceship in an emergency.

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