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Is it illegal to drive with my dog ​​in the trunk? Auto rules explained

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DOGS have many excellent qualities that make them such a popular choice as pets.

However, if traveling with one, what precautions should a driver take before embarking on the journey? let’s find out

It is not illegal to drive with your dog in the trunk.

There is no legal obligation to obey the laws of the Highway Code, but drivers can be penalized if police determine they were driving “without due care and attention”.

You can travel with your pets in the trunk by using a headrest dog guard between the trunk and the rear passenger seats.

This allows them to move without affecting your driving.

Mesh or metal gates protect you in the event of an accident, but not your pet.

In this case, it is safest to secure the dog in the trunk or on the passenger seat.

As a result, the animal cannot disturb the driver or his controls, which limits the risk of an accident.

Dogs can sit in the passenger seat, but the passenger airbag should be switched off and the seat should be moved back as far as possible.

This is to limit the risk of injury for the dog.

It is important to remember to reactivate the airbag when human passengers are traveling in the front seat.

Under Rule 57 of the Highway Code, all dogs or other animals must be properly restrained when traveling in a vehicle.

There are ways a dog can travel comfortably.

Options include a seat belt harness designed specifically for dogs, a dog cage, a pet carrier, or a dog guard that separates the dog from the vehicle’s occupants.

The straps are designed not to distract you or injure you or yourself while riding.

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