Sunday, November 27, 2022

Inside the £1.2million luxury two-bedroom ensuite caravan with its own wine collection

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CARAVANS are usually a way to go on holiday on a budget, but not all caravans are created equal.

The CMC Elyse caravan costs around £1.2million, which is more than most villas in popular resorts.

CMC Caravan is an Italian company that makes custom luxury trailers, although the Elyse is the most luxurious caravan it has ever produced.

This villa on wheels was delivered in 2021 and CMC announced it took them around 6,000 man hours to build.

The CMC Elyse Trailer is 17 meters long and has 120 square meters of living space, divided into several main areas after the opening.

Inside it is furnished with fine wood and only the finest natural stone.

The luxurious furniture selected by the owner with the help of designers created the dream mobile home.

The spacious kitchen is equipped with modern wooden furniture and is so well equipped that it even has a wine cellar.

As the video shows, a door separates the dining room and kitchen from the two bedrooms and bathrooms.

The parents’ bedroom has a double bed and is decorated in the same elegant style as the rest of the house – beautiful wood and handcrafted light fixtures.

The other bedroom for the kids has a bunk bed and direct access to the other bathroom.

The two en-suite bathrooms also have a walk-in shower and a designer washbasin.

The most surprising thing about this caravan is that with its sober exterior you wouldn’t expect such luxury inside.

The company is yet to announce the actual price of the Elyse, but similar ones it’s built in the past have cost between £1million and £1.5million.

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