Sunday, January 22, 2023

Inside tennis legend Andy Murray’s impressive car collection – including a red Ferrari and a James Bond-inspired Aston Martin

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ANDY Murray spends most of his time on the tennis court – but he still needs a lightning motor to get there.

The three-time Grand Slam winner has made an impressive amount of money from his sporting triumphs – allowing him to splash out on a range of supercars.

With an estimated net worth of £130million, the 35-year-old sportsman has a decent budget to work with.

Despite his bulging bank balance, Murray still holds onto his very first car – his beloved Volkswagen Polo.

Even his wife Kim Sears has begged him to scrap it, but the tennis ace is refusing to part with the 14-year-old motor.

He started his enviable car collection with the Polo at the tender age of 22 and used it as a speedster to avoid being recognized.

Though he admitted he was still strongly attached to it, the father-of-four ditched the trusty vehicle five months later.

He gave the Polo a break from the streets and instead bought a bright red Ferrari 430, which has cost him an estimated £117,000.

Murray reportedly paid a fraction less simply to insure the stunning sports car.

But he amusingly admitted that he felt “a bit of a jerk” behind the wheel of the Italian luxury motor.

The two-time Wimbledon winner said: “I’m subject to peer pressure but I didn’t enjoy driving it at all. It was a mistake.”

He flogged the Ferrari in 2010 – much to the delight of his father William, as he didn’t think his son “should drive something like that when he’d just passed his test”.

The Scottish star then decided to mirror his favorite movie hero when shopping for a new wheelset.

He swapped the flamboyant supercar for an Aston Martin DB9 – just like James Bond – for £200,000.

Murray admitted he liked the stunning engine “a lot better”, particularly because of its understated colour.

He explained: “With the Aston, yes it’s a nice car, but it was a bit more understated – and it wasn’t red.”

The 35-year-old later bagged a £125,000 BMW i8 after winning the Munich Open – but gave it to his father as a gift.

In 2016, his sponsorship deal with Jaguar ensured the tennis ace always walked in style.

He rolled around in the enviable Jaguar XKR before owning the £66,000 Jaguar I-Pace which was arguably a standout part of his collection.

He was one of the first owners of the British automaker’s all-electric performance SUVs.

Murray said of the engine: “Yes. I love him. It’s beautiful, comfortable and fast.

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