Wednesday, January 18, 2023

I’m too scared to sleep after a giant spider bit me so badly I had to have surgery – it’s still roaming free in my house

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A WOMAN was too scared to sleep after a giant spider bit her so badly she needed surgery – and she says she’s still roaming free in her home.

Anya Cantrell, 20, was initially unconcerned when she woke up with a bite mark on her hand at her home in Chichester, West Sussex, on January 6.

But as her injury worsened over the next two days, student Anya began to worry after her hand swelled to “twice its size” and she began to feel excruciating pain.

After antibiotics proved ineffective, doctors at St. Richard’s Hospital rushed Anya to emergency surgery on January 10.

A team of surgeons drained the fluid from the theater student’s hand and confirmed the bite was from the common false widow spider.

Terrified Anya claims she “could have died” when doctors discovered the injury just before the infection entered her bloodstream.

The scariest part wasn’t over yet though, as the creepy crawly can still be found in Anya’s dorm.

The nervous young woman claims she now searches her room before bed for fear that something might crawl on her at night.

Anya, from Southampton, Hampshire, said: “It was scary. At first I thought it was a bite and I could just get antibiotics and it would be fine.

“After [the surgery] They said they were lucky they caught it when they did because it was very close to getting into my bloodstream and becoming sepsis.

“There is a risk that I could die. I was pretty panicked.”

And she confirmed that the arachnid could still be roaming free.

She continued: “[We] didn’t manage to find the spider. That’s scary too.

“My parents left me behind [from the surgery] and I asked my father to come into my room and look everywhere, to search every corner and everything.

“So it happened while I was sleeping [now] Before I go to bed, I look everywhere to see if there’s anything that might crawl on me at night.”

After her surgery, Anya went home to visit her parents in Southampton and sought refuge from the eight-legged villain who was hiding in their house.

Anya claims that she left her bedroom door open while she was away, hoping the lurking pest would crawl away.

The bite victim’s encounter with a fake widow, who is already afraid of spiders, scared her more than ever.

Anya said: “It’s even scarier now to think it might still be there after what it did to my hand.

“I went home to my parents and left my bedroom door open. I thought, ‘I’m leaving my door open so whatever’s in there can crawl out and sink’.

“I’m so scared of spiders. If I see one, I have to leave the room.”

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