Wednesday, December 21, 2022

I’m the sexiest traffic cop alive – Drooling drivers always ask me the same thing when I’m at work

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A WOMAN dubbed the ‘world’s sexiest traffic cop’ has gone viral after drooling motorists told her she looked like a model.

Colombia’s Daniela Gaviria received enthusiastic compliments from motorists who said she had the “perfect face”.

The 28-year-old has become a celebrity in her hometown of Pereira, around 290 kilometers west of the Colombian capital Bogotá.

And she often turns heads and steals the hearts of drivers and pedestrians alike with her incredible Latino looks.

She has now gained a global following after TikToker Casta Bermudez shared a clip of her in her uniform.

In the short video, at least two male friends can be heard raving about the traffic cop’s looks as they sneak up on her in her car.

She politely acknowledges them before continuing down the sidewalk, commenting, “She looks like a model” and “Her face is perfect.”

He wrote in the clip, “What do you think? She’s beautiful. So she let me go!”

The clip quickly garnered more than 150,000 views and the brunette saw her Instagram followers swell from 2,600 to more than 163,000.

It was clear from the comments posted below what was the top question most fans asked her.

A number of followers claimed they would love to be pulled over if it meant getting a ticket from her.

One Instagram user commented, “Now everyone wants to be fined!”

Another responded directly to the poster, saying, “Because of this video, I started following you.”

A third said: “Brother this is an ANGEL I swear.”

“Pereira, the city of the most beautiful women,” remarked a fourth.

Daniela finally responded to her newfound fame on her Instagram, when she posted a message for her growing army of fans.

Sharing the original TikTok video on her Instagram page, she wrote, “The beginning of everything. Thank you for your comments!”

The mother-of-one explained: “One Friday night a lot of people started sending me the video. A lot of people thought it was staged… that’s when all this madness started!”

Reflecting on her sudden stardom, she told Jam Press, “Social networking is a very complex but beautiful world at the same time.

“Now while I’m working, people come up to me and ask me for photos. It’s like they’ve seen the video in every corner of the city.”

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