Tuesday, January 24, 2023

I’m pornstar Lacey Amour and I got caught filming in a Travelodge – that’s what an average OnlyFans creator really makes

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THE pornstar caught filming in a Travelodge has revealed how much money the average OnlyFans creator makes.

Lacey Amour, 23, recently made headlines when she was among a group of 28 people who checked into the Newcastle hotel to film an adult film.

The OnlyFans model was also once expelled from Paris to film near the Eiffel Tower.

The Welsh woman has now bared it all and revealed how much the average adult content creator makes.

Lacey said many think they can set up an OnlyFans account and make it into five figures overnight – but that’s not the case.

She said the average model actually only makes around £120 – or $150 – a month.

Lacey told WalesOnline: “It’s portrayed as setting up a site and making £10,000 straight away.

“That’s not the case at all, and in fact there are 1.2 million creators on OnlyFans and the average creator makes $150 (USD) per month.

“It takes a lot of time and effort to build a large account with a decent salary, and even then it’s not guaranteed.”

The pornstar said she’s now earning well from the site – but it’s cost her “blood, sweat and tears”.

When Lacey first started at OnlyFans in 2019, she was making around £100 a month.

She eventually started putting more effort into her content and her income grew to around £500 a month, then £2,000.

Lacey said: “Once I got a taste of what I could earn and learned that you get out what you put in, I put more into it.

“I dropped out of my freshman year a year and a half ago and I’ve spent every waking moment growing my business and it’s growing fast.”

She explained that making money with OnlyFans isn’t as easy as it is with people.

Creators also have to market themselves on social media, talk to subscribers 24/7, post multiple times a day, and pour money into outfits and props.

The 23-year-old explained: “This isn’t about setting up a page, posting photos of your feet, not letting anyone know and making a million pounds.

“You have to build a brand, just like any other company.

“You have to wear every single hat and do it well to be successful.”

She added, “Being successful on OnlyFans is one part luck and three parts blood, sweat and tears.”

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