Monday, January 23, 2023

I’m plus size and 220 pounds – I don’t let my big belly stop me from dressing smart, people love my energy

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A “Big Belly Babe” has said that her belly doesn’t stop her from wearing cute clothes — and looking fabulous in them.

Plus-size fashionista Tori (@torii.block) recently shared some valuable life advice while putting together a stylish, laid-back outfit.

“Big belly babes aren’t gatekeepers — and we don’t let our bellies stop us from dressing cute, either,” she began.

The style pro, at size 16 and 220 pounds, started off with a black bra and leopard print lingerie from Curvy Couture.

Then she donned gray cargo pants with a comfortable elastic waistband from H&M.

“I’m so bloated. I’m about to get my period,” she complained as she put together the loungewear look.

“We are about to return in this b**** by 2020,” she added.

She paired the pants with a gray hoodie, also from H&M, which is cropped to show a slim stomach.

“I’m tired but I want to look cute because when the mess is clean I can think straight. When I look good, I feel good,” she explained.

“I feel confident when I get dressed.”

For accessories, she added a green baseball cap and matching $135 Air Jordans.

For the last piece of clothing — a bit “streetwear meets The Matrix,” she said — she topped the outfit with a faux leather trench coat from Forever 21+, $50.

Finally she finished with a green bag.

“I’m a firm believer that life happens for us, not us, and while I might be a little more tired than normal, there’s always a lesson in everything, whether we like it or not,” she said.

Commentators applauded her style and loved her attitude.

“Love your energy,” wrote one.

“Girl, you actually inspired me to start shopping for clothes!! Now I’m looking forward to dressing the belly,” wrote another.

“I love watching all your videos. I’m plus size too, not a potato,” said a third. “Everything looks so good on you. You inspire me!!!”

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