Wednesday, January 25, 2023

I’m an expert on body language – 7 signs violating the Love Islanders ‘fake-up’ was the biggest red flag yet

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The bosses of LOVE Island get their money’s worth with the bombshell Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown.

The 25-year-old part-time model from London wasted no time stepping on tiptoe – which sparked an early feud with ringgirl Olivia Hawkins.

The women had multiple meltdowns at the Love Island mansion over the course of just a few days, attacking footballer Tom Clare.

A tense showdown on Monday night’s show left Olivia in tears.

It’s clear that love hasn’t been lost between the pair – who fans believe knew each other before stepping on the show – but they have “hugged and made up” after clearing the air in the morning had.

On last night’s show, the pair were seen flattering each other’s outfits and complimenting their looks – but body language expert Judi James isn’t convinced their newfound friendship is real.

She told The Sun: “Zara and Olivia’s oddly out of context ‘truce’ scene on last night’s show looked like the scariest moment between them yet.

“This was so-called fake-up, not makeup, and this type of non-verbal masking with their performance of mock friendship rituals could have taken their relationship to a whole new level of warfare.”

Judi claims her rows displayed genuine emotion and body language that openly displayed her “anger and irritation.”

She says that when Zara and Olivia went from “snarling and open power play to hugs and flattery, the red flags really started showing.”

“Concealment and masking create genuine fear and paranoia of conspiracies by traitors,” she adds.

Judi says during their first truce, the body language of both girls suggested a power struggle was at play.

“As the girls sat on the beanbags and performed their first truce ritual, they both used hair brushing rituals as an excuse to expose each other,” she observes.

“Her elbows went up with her hands behind her head to show off her armpits in a power play.

“Spread signals indicate dominance and superior status, and that underlying struggle made the cold hug that followed look like a false gesture.”

Afterwards, Judi said there were “parries and goads”, with Olivia flirting with Tom in direct view of Zara and Zara chatting to Shaq in response.

On last night’s show during the sexy space raunch challenge, many fans watched as Zara appeared to hit Olivia by appearing to aim a ball at her face.

Judi says Olivia and Zara were “over-the-top masked” to hide their true feelings for each other.

“Their voices rose as they exchanged words of flattery and ‘endearment’ like ‘beautiful girl’ and ‘you look cute tonight,'” she explains.

“Given her past demeanor, this fake cutie seemed to herald that they were playing their cards really close to their chests.

“A compliment from an enemy is always frightening because you’re waiting for the real punchline.”

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