Thursday, January 19, 2023

I’m an Air Force medic — men say they clench their jaws when they see me out of uniform

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A WOMAN who has spent her working hours helping sick people inadvertently dislocates her jaw.

The beautiful Air Force medic shared the love she receives from the men who see her out of uniform.

Rylee (@ryeroast on the app) is a digital content creator and medic in the military.

She took to TikTok to share the feedback she’s getting from fans of her look.

Rylee shared a video of herself in her Air Force camouflage uniform.

“POV: You got a dollar for every time someone asks you how the army is?” she wrote.

Rylee stated that she is in the Air Force, a separate branch of the US Army.

The TikTok struck a chord with viewers, who shared their mustard in the comments section.

“Your videos are the reason I want to participate,” wrote one.

“Make me blush,” she replied.

Rylee also shared a video of her in a very different look than her work uniform – a bright red dress with a high slit.

The blonde beauty posed for the camera and showed off her enviable curves.

Stunned viewers shared their love for the lady in red in the comments section.

“I think my jaw is dislocated,” wrote one fan.

“She really is that girl you see in the car next to you at the stop light and then think about her for the rest of the week,” added another.

“You are really beautiful,” commented a third fan.

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