Sunday, January 22, 2023

I’m a tennis girl – people say my outfits are “too tight” to play the sport, but that doesn’t bother me

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A TENNIS fan will continue to play their sport and wear what pleases them, despite comments from haters.

Avid gamer Evie has been told her outfits aren’t appropriate, but she’s not remotely bothered.

Evie showed off her outfit on TikTok and clapped back at critics.

Traditionally, tennis players wear short skirts or dresses.

Some international tennis clubs have strict rules about what should be worn on the tennis court.

But some dress codes change in sports.

Evie’s video captioned it: “A tennis girl can’t wear a dress that tight.”

Evie is standing on a tennis court and is wearing form-fitting sports tights and a tight white top.

The Houston tennis fan’s look isn’t for everyone.

But the ball is hers and she doesn’t care.

In the video, her hair is tied back, she spins with bat in hand and runs towards the camera.

She approaches the web and flutters to the background music, rubbing her index finger and thumb together as if playing a tiny violin.

The message is clear: people can whine, but she won’t listen.

Evie will do things her way and she smiles cheekily for the camera.

Her followers see it that way too, over 1,600 likes for her post.

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