Sunday, November 27, 2022

I’m a student teacher – I’ve been showing outfits for a week but people are saying I should be sent home

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A YOUNG professional thought she would save time by planning her work clothes for the week in advance.

But the accomplished student teacher got a wake-up call when she shared the clothes online and her followers challenged her groundbreaking tips.

Casey Hodnett, 24, is excited to be a full-time teacher and shares updates on her journey as a student on TikTok.

She shared some of her fall classroom outfits in a video on the platform, and it wasn’t yesterday’s chunky sweaters and frumpy skirts.

Faux leather played a big part in Hodnett’s wardrobe.

The focal point of one outfit was a brown faux leather wrap dress and she also styled a black slit skirt made from the same material.

Another ensemble featured glossy white satin. Even Hodnett’s “casual” looks combine fitted shirts with high-waisted pants.

While the look was certainly stylish, viewers were skeptical about the teacher’s choices in education.

“Out of all the schools I’ve worked in, I’d get pulled up on any outfit here,” one warned.

A second teacher agreed, saying the punishment at their school would be more severe. “You would be sent home,” they warned.

“Leather skirt is going to be a no go,” agreed a third teacher.

“It’s leather. I’m not sure why that would be considered inappropriate,” Hodnett replied.

“You work with kids, not in a bondage shop,” commenter Hodnett retorted defiantly.

Even if no one at her school said anything about the outfit, the commenter added, Hodnett would be wise to leave the potentially suggestive skirt at home.

“You want to protect yourself as a teacher, you don’t want to have any possible allegations,” they explained.

“I think maybe the slit is too high for the leather skirt,” said another viewer.

A spectator repeated the idea, but softened the blow. “You look beautiful, but save the leather for another occasion,” they said.

Some people thought Hodnett’s outfits were so out of place that she had to pull a prank.

“I’m not sure if these videos are a joke,” they said. “Are you trolling us?”

Meanwhile, other educators were concerned about the young woman’s wardrobe for another reason.

“As a long-time teacher, I caution you against wearing expensive clothes or else they will be ruined,” said one wise commenter.

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