Monday, January 23, 2023

I’m a sleep expert – my 5 hacks will keep you warm in bed all night and you don’t have to turn on the heating

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WITH winter in full force, temperatures have dropped below zero in areas across the country.

But as Brits grapple with soaring energy bills, experts have shared their top tips for keeping warm in bed — and you don’t have to turn on the heat, either.

The gurus from offered a helping hand and revealed how to stay warm throughout the night – and it can be as simple as changing your bed position.

Nic Shacklock of Online-Bedrooms said: “Many of us have a hard time falling asleep in the colder months.

“With temperatures dropping and energy prices rising, we wanted to share our top tips with those looking for new ways to warm up in bed.

“It sounds simple, but something as simple as making sure your bed isn’t near a window can make all the difference when it comes to not turning on the heat at night.”

Here are Nic’s top recommendations…

According to Nic, a cold body can distract you from falling asleep and cause problems waking up multiple times during the night.

To ensure you get the best night’s sleep, it’s important to keep warm and change clothes before bed.

“One of the best materials for staying warm is silk,” noted the whiz.

“Those who are uncomfortable at night wearing many layers to bed should have warm, thick clothing on their bedside table to grab at night during nighttime cold snaps.”

It might sound obvious, but the placement of your bed can affect your sleep – avoid putting it next to your windows.

Instead, the pro suggested, try switching it to the other side of the room for a cozier night.

Nothing beats a cup of hot chocolate after a long day of fooling around and educating.

But, as Nic discovered, this warm drink has other benefits, and it turns out it does wonders for falling asleep.

“To warm yourself up before bed, you should have a warm milk drink in the evening.

“Not only does the drink warm you from the inside, but milk contains tryptophan, which helps the body prepare for sleep.”

When it comes to keeping warm at night, we usually think of turning on the heating.

But that can also be achieved with a hot-water bottle, according to the expert.

Sharing the hack, Nic explained, “The heat generated by the water bottle can also aid in restful sleep as the heat circulates blood flow and improves blood flow in the body.

”Also, try putting it in your bed while you shower and get ready for sleep, as it will warm up your mattress and duvet so you can jump in and go to sleep.”

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