Thursday, January 26, 2023

I’m a medium height model and get trolled for being “too tall” but people hate my confidence

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A MEDIUM model confronts body shaming and toxic, unrealistic standards in the modeling industry head-on.

The model took to TikTok to challenge industry norms — and prove her unwavering confidence despite the haters.

Digital creator @alexletissier is a television personality, curvy model, and body-hugging TikTok creator.

In a TikTok, she shared that she would never let the haters get to her.

She revealed in the clip that she was trolled because of her curvy figure.

“Now that I’m being trolled for being too tall, they say I don’t need to lose weight,” she wrote online.

“Ahh, I see you hate my confidence.”

She captioned the post #weightlifting, #midsizefashion and #curvymodel.

She delved deeper into the body shaming she received on her blog.

“I have a very normal body that, to be honest, men are a big fan of,” she wrote.

“But walking in a studio with women who are flawless from head to toe — it’s pretty impressive that I’ve managed to rewire my brain in such a short amount of time,” she added.

“To tell myself you are just as beautiful‘ she concluded.

“I’m glad you heard or saw some of the unspectacular things that come with our jobs,” she added.

“Because sometimes it’s hard work. And guess who is making it harder and why?

“Judgemental AND hypocritical idiots,” she finished.

The TikTok creator has more than 3,800 followers and 17,000 likes on the platform.

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