Sunday, January 22, 2023

I’m a gypsy girl and these are the biggest misconceptions about my community, there’s a reason we park wherever we want

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A TRAVELER has exposed some of the biggest misconceptions about her community in a candid social media post.

On Reddit, the woman explained that she wanted to debunk “some myths” about travel, as she is aware that there are some misconceptions about it.

In her post, she wrote: “I am an English Gypsy. Can I help debunk some myths?”

Many other users quickly came forward with their questions, and many accused travelers of “exiting the system” without paying taxes.

In response to the allegation, she wrote: ‘Most British Gypsies live on official sites where they pay the same bills as everyone else. Ditto vehicle tax. Nobody, especially not someone who is clearly visible, can avoid vehicle tax etc. for long.

“There are many high earners in my family who are just as plagued by the state RE tax as anyone else.”

Another question that kept popping up was why travelers “parked wherever they wanted.”

In response, the woman wrote: “Because we do.

“We use the same locations every year with the blessing of the community because we get the work done that nobody else wants to do and then we’re gone for another year.”

Education and work was another misconception the woman wanted to clear up, as many Redditors had asked about “poor education” or why female travelers “don’t work,” which was far from the truth for these travelers.

“Monday through Friday, I’m a teaching assistant for SEN children at two schools,” she explained.

“Evenings and weekends I do everything from moving to gardening and building things out of wood like benches. Laying turf, mowing the lawn… whatever is worthwhile and legal.”

She further explained that she now has two professors in her family, one in the US and one in Japan.

With so many stereotypes out of the way, one Reddit user was keen to ask if any of these applied to the travel community.

Listing stereotypes that applied to her experience, she wrote, “Stereotypes would be endogenous marriage, struggle, and acrimony when dealing (aka work) is involved.

“We LOVE fire. It really is part of being outside. Being psychotic when drunk should probably be part of that, too.”

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