Sunday, January 22, 2023

I’m a country girl who works at Hooters – when I’m not in uniform you’ll find me in tiny hot pants and cowboy boots

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A SNEAK look into the life of a Hooters girl who loves line dancing has been revealed.

She’s given TikTokers an intimate look at how much money she makes in a day at the restaurant and what she likes to do ahead of some country festivals.

“This is how much I make on a Saturday morning at Hooters,” Brianna Silverman began her video chested in the famous uniform.

“I got $14 off my first table,” she told her TikTok audience.

On the next Hooters transaction on the morning shift, “I got $7 from my second table.”

The fourth party served during her day left her $18, while the fifth tipped her a solid $10.

Subsequent tables left their amounts of $8, $20 and $21.

Overall, the highest individual tip amount during their Hooters day was $30.

Despite earning $171 in one shift, Silverman said, “Honestly, I expected to make more, but,” and then the video ended abruptly, interrupting her thoughts.

Another video she posted showed off her rural side, taking TikTok users into her space as she prepared to go line dancing.

“Get ready to line dance with me,” Brianna Silverman wrote of her video.

First she threw Daisy Dukes, a bra top, a headscarf and a pair of cowgirl boots on her bed.

After tossing the outfit over her fit figure, Silverman proceeded to style her hair.

She opts for a long, voluminous blow-out, leaving the top roll in her bangs for added oomph while she applies her makeup.

When she was done, Silverman posed for the camera and confirmed the finished look with her audience.

Whether she’s going dancing or getting her work done, she’s no stranger to hot pants.

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