Wednesday, January 25, 2023

I’m a cleaning pro – my simple laundry tips mean you’ll always have the whitest sheets

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A CLEANING pro has shared insider laundry tips that will ensure you always have the whitest linens.

Cleaning is always a chore and sometimes you might worry that you’re not doing enough, but these simple tips can help relieve that stress.

One of the first important questions to ask yourself is how often you should clean your linens.

All the cleaning pros told Insiders to wash your linens once a week.

“Even if you’re a very clean person and you shower every day, after a few days your sheets will get soiled with dead skin cells, sweat, body oils and other gross stuff,” said cleaning expert Jessica Samson.

Corinna and Theresa Williams, co-founders of an eco-friendly laundromat called Celsious, told Insider that cleaning frequency can change depending on your circumstances.

“If someone is in bed sick or is prone to accidents (e.g. potty training children or pets), you should wash your linens more frequently and as soon as possible after an accident.”

“Your everyday sheets shouldn’t have complicated care labels and the material should be washable in warm or hot water for hygiene reasons,” the sisters told Insider.

To properly care for cotton, the sisters said they should wash it at the warmest temperature they can handle and then dry the sheets on a low heat.

They suggested avoiding fabric softener as it can coat laundry with fibers that reduce the absorbency of the sheets.

“Linen sheets tend to shrink in the wash if you use the hottest setting,” Samson told Insider.

All cleaning experts reported using lukewarm or cold water when cleaning linens.

To keep those sheets soft, they suggested using 1/4 cup white vinegar in the fabric softener compartment and tossing dryer balls in the dryer.

They also said to dry the linen towels on low heat.

The Williams sisters said many people like to wash their sheets in cold water to conserve energy.

“If you’d like, add ¼ cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle to flush out odors,” they told Insider.

The cleaning experts also advise washing one load per month in hot/warm water.

“Water needs to be 130 degrees Fahrenheit to kill dust mites and 140 degrees to kill viruses and bacteria.”

If you prefer to wash your linens without bleach, like the sisters did, they’ve shared their simple trick to avoiding the detergent.

“It’s tough on the fabric, which isn’t good for longevity and can contribute to yellowing over time,” they told Insider.

“First you should treat any stains before you wash the sheets,” they said.

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