Wednesday, December 21, 2022

I’m A Celeb’s Olivia Attwood reveals chaos at home after ‘accident’

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OLIVIA Attwood revealed the chaos at her home after she nearly lost her front teeth in an accident.

The I’m A Celebrity star, 31, shared a snap of her kitchen and utility room after an assembled unit fell off the wall, narrowly missing the Love Island favourite.


Olivia revealed she had a close call at home[/caption]

She shared the dramatic scene on her Instagram after a wall unit fell

“Just almost knocked my front teeth out when this whole unit fell off the wall,” Olivia captioned the pic.

“If that isn’t a sign of leaving the domestic stuff to our Julie, I don’t know what is.”

The image showed the damage with the appliance lying on the countertop with the washing machine drawer open underneath and various laundry products strewn across the floor.

Olivia admitted the near miss was quite a wake-up call.

“But also make me realize I can’t put off this kitchen/utility reno any longer,” she admitted, before reaching out to her followers for advice on good kitchen companies.

“I need help,” she moaned. “I hate interiors”.

Earlier in the day, Olivia seemed to be having a productive day, sharing a photo of herself at the gym in the early hours while it was still dark.

Coming home, she snapped a shot on the stairs next to her Christmas tree, where she told fans she was planning a day to keep on top of things.

“Just thought I’d be organized, sweetie, and do some laundry when I got home from the gym.”

However, the next Instagram story revealed the damage after the accident, proving the day had derailed from a positive start.

Olivia has been back in the UK for three weeks after being forced to leave the ITV jungle early after some blood results showed some anomalies.

She has hinted she would like to return to Australia to try bush life again, but admitted it would depend on her schedule.

The model-turned-TV presenter is in the works with three new programs.

She recently told The Sun: “I’m going to be directing my next documentary this month, at the end of the month, so I’m really looking forward to it.

“I’m disappointed to have left the jungle, but I have a lot to do.

“It’s the second season of Filthy Rich, so it’s all about making money online, but each episode has a different theme.

“And then the plastic surgery documentary will come out later in the year and then a new series of Olivia Meets Her Match.”

Earlier in the day, she had planned to get organized
Olivia was forced to leave the jungle early after a routine blood test
Olivia on ITV Palooza earlier this month
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