Monday, January 23, 2023

I’m a beauty pro, and here are five viral makeup products I wouldn’t buy again—including a bronzer that’s turning me GREEN

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A BEAUTY pro took to TikTok to share her candid take on some of the nation’s most popular beauty products – and claims a bronzer turned her face green.

Sophie, known online as @sophdoeslife, regularly shares beauty and hair tips with her 334,000 followers.

In a new video, she shared five viral makeup products she wouldn’t buy back — including the Huda Beauty Cheery Blossom Powder and the Charlotte Tilbury Cream Bronzer.

“These are five viral makeup products I wouldn’t buy again.

“Don’t get me wrong, what works for you may not work for me and vice versa. Not everyone will like the same products, but that’s okay.

“Number one, and it pains me to say this because I wanted to love it so much, but it’s the Huda Beauty Cherry Blossom Cake Powder.

“It’s just too pink for me. In addition, the scent is very intense.

“I also realized then that I’m allergic to some of the ingredients, but that’s not Huda’s fault, that’s my own.

“Next is the Makeup by Mario Foundation. I wanted to love this so bad but it’s just not for oily skin.

“And for £45 I have about £10 worth of foundations which I prefer more.

“Next is the Charlotte Tilbury Cream Bronzer and I think it’s ok but I only have other cream bronzers that I prefer and this shade has a slight greenish tinge to it too.

“I have the shade Fair, but it’s just a little off.

“The shinier mascara. Again, I wanted to love that and I know Glossier is meant to be a little more natural, but it’s just a little too natural for me. And I found it transferred too.

“But I love the boy brow.

“Finally, the Dior No-Transfer lipsticks. These are just too dry for me and not for the price.”

Fans loved Sophie’s honesty, with the video garnering more than 10,000 likes and 98,000 views.

In the comments, the makeup fan’s followers shared their thoughts on other viral products, writing, “The vitamin babe concealer from the beauty crop! Every influencer raves about it, it looks SO dry and flaky on me.”

Another said: “Also the base fortified with Bobby Brown vitamins. It’s just a glorified moisturizer, imo.”

A third added: “Charlotte Tilbury’s Beauty Light wand, never again.”

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