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I’m a 3XL and my friends are an XL and 2XL – we tried the same FashionNova outfits and came to the same conclusion for most

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Trying new styles can be fun, but it’s always more fun when friends add their insights.

Three women modeled their Fashion Nova finds in three different sizes – XL, 2XL and 3XL.

Siza Ndlovu (middle) is a style enthusiast from South Africa
YouTube/Mzwandile & Siza

Siza Ndlovu is a South Africa-based digital content creator.

Her YouTube channel alone has over 47,000 subscribers.

She took to the social media platform to share her plus size clothing with her two best friends.

First, the trio specified their different sizes and the reason for showing the prey.



I’m plus size – I’ve tried on the same Fashion Nova outfits as my smaller friends

“Just to give you guys more variety and to see how different clothes would fit on different plus-sized bodies,” Ndlovu said as an introduction.

The curvy trio modeled the Get Away With It Crochet Skirt Set in the color cream, which retails for $30.99.

“It’s literally everything to me,” Ndlovu said. “I love the material, I like the slits, I love the sexiness.”

Next, the three women showed off the For The Night mini dress in the color mint, which retails for $6.98.

“I don’t think it’s practical for a plus-size girl,” Ndlovu said of the dress, which rode up with the movement and appeared to be made of sheer fabric.

Next, the trio tried on the $62.99 Big Plans Blazer Pant Set in black, which they all agreed would look great with lingerie underneath.

“It’s beautiful,” Ndlovu gushed. “So get yourself a cute bra.”

The three women agreed on this dress
YouTube/Mzwandile & Siza
All three friends disapproved of this mint green number
YouTube/Mzwandile & Siza

Next, the three friends approved the Denim On Denim Matching Skirt Set in the color blue, which retails for $44.99.

“This is so cute,” Ndlovu said of the set, and her friends agreed.

Finally, the trio showed off the Eternal Beauty Maxi Dress in Taupe/Combo, which retails for $41.99.

The three beauties agreed that the dress wasn’t for them, but they were still undecided about it.

Fans of the video praised the stunners for their in-depth Fashion Nova yield.

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“Love this video so much,” one wrote in the comments section. “Thanks for such content.”

“Thanks for the wholesome content,” wrote another.

The beauties loved the crocheted two-piece ensemble
YouTube/Mzwandile & Siza
The proponents of the denim set cite that the pieces are very soft and versatile
YouTube/Mzwandile & Siza
The trio stunned in a classic black set accented with lace bras underneath
YouTube/Mzwandile & Siza
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