Tuesday, January 24, 2023

I’m 49 and I’m constantly told that I dress way too young for my age, but I know I look better than the younger girls

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A 49-year-old fashion influencer says she’s constantly told she dresses too young for her age, but viewers say she looks better than younger girls.

Danelle McDougall is a mom and a fashion stylist on TikTok and Instagram.

Danelle, who chooses spiritedstyled online, shares fashion inspiration and tips.

Despite being 49, Danelle believes style has no age or size.

She says she wants to: “Help people of all sizes and ages look, think, feel and dress with confidence.”

The stylish guru even shares videos of her and her daughter.

Danelle has confessed that she has very little black in her wardrobe as she loves bright colors.

Danelle said: “We wear what we want and we will shout it! “

“Bottom line, wear what you love and are comfortable in. If you want to be special, be that. If you want to be subtle, be that.”

“When you dress for YOU what other people do [people] Saying and thinking has no weight at all.”

“Wear what you love at any age and any size.”

The stylish mom was met with resistance from the younger crowd.

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One user said: “Get off here, you are older than God”

Another said: “Gosh I feel better after seeing how old you look…”

A third said: “Never understand women like you who want to dress like a teenager.”

But the fashionista has no problem hitting back at trolls in an online video, she joked: “When the ‘you dress for a 49-year-old too’ discussion starts…”

In her video, Danella rocked a pink money print puffer jacket and distressed light straight-leg jeans with matching pink earrings and a pink purse.

Danelle’s video has been viewed 10,000 times and has received a ton of support from online followers.

One user said: “You make it look better than the younger girls!”

Another said: “No, you are shaming a lot of young people. Always wear what you love, any size, any age, as you say.”

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