Saturday, January 21, 2023

I’m 31 and tried on my old Hooters uniform – only the elite girls still have my version from the 2010s

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A 31-YEAR-OLD retired Hooters girl has regained her beloved outfit.

Brittany Linn pulled out her exclusive take on the 2010s franchise uniform that few women still have.

The resigned waitress posted a video on her TikTok (@brittanylinn) to show off the old orange and white uniform.

While the typical Hooters outfit is cropped now, Brittany’s was long and covering.

She pulled up her long, long-sleeved tracksuit.

The restaurant’s name is embroidered in italics on the chest.

Each arm cuff has a thumb hole at the end.

Her bottom is a pair of matching sweatpants with an orange stripe down the side.

A Hooters logo is printed on the inside of her hip on the pants.

Brittany’s undershirt now resembles the restaurant’s uniforms.

She was wearing a tiny t-shirt that was cut off just below her chest.

The top had a V-neckline.

She fastened her name tag to the white undershirt before showing the small pocket attached to one sleeve of the jacket.

Brittany put her hands in her pockets and turned to give viewers the full view.

Their 2010 uniform is more conservative compared to the booty shorts and crop tops the staff now wear.

“Only the elite Hooters girls still have the jumpsuits,” she said.

In a previous post, Brittany revealed old photos of her from her days at the restaurant.

You can see her sitting outside the restaurant in slimmer clothes and serving tables inside.

“Seriously, the best years of my life,” she admitted.

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