Saturday, January 21, 2023

I was furious when an idiot driver parked right next to me in an empty lot, so I got revenge…but opinions are divided

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A “FAT” motorist got his revenge after a passenger parked his car too close to his.

Zeke Williams swerved at the “Selfish W****” after they left a gap so narrow he couldn’t get into his own vehicle.

To make matters worse, the parking lot was “pretty empty” and the driver freaked out.

Sharing his anger on TikTok, he beamed, “I came back about two hours later and found this idiot parked right over me.

“I’m a fat guy, that’s a little gap for me.”

Panning across the abandoned parking lot in an unknown location, he shows row after row of empty parking spaces before returning to his dilemma.

The angry motorist added: “Pretty empty.

“Nevertheless, they decided to park right next to me, like a totally selfish w****!”

But he was so enraged by the silver Ford Focus Estate’s antics that he spilled a whole bottle of sunscreen on it.

The clip shows Zeke dousing the windshield in an SPF whirlpool.

Then he goes into the side windows and gives them a generous whip as well.

But his retaliatory attack divided viewers, with some praising him while others branded him a vandal.

One said: “Well done!! I hate when people do that in an empty parking lot!!!”

But another pointed out: “90% of parking spaces are too small…we all suffer and don’t destroy other people’s cars!”

A third barked: “You don’t have to be immature like him by spray-painting stuff on his windows, just leave him or her a letter.”

While one person joked, “He left more space than you.”

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