Monday, November 28, 2022

I was denied entry to Qatar during the World Cup after a simple error – I lost THOUSANDS out of my pocket

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A TOURIST told how she was denied entry to Qatar due to a simple mistake.

Tiktoker Chloe Jade explained how the mistake cost her thousands out of her pocket – and left her unable to enter the country.

Chloe shared a clip on her Tiktok detailing to her followers how she was eventually not admitted to Qatar as she did not have the required papers.

The video is captioned: “Right now I should be in Qatar. But why am I not in Qatar? Because I didn’t come into the country.”

The TikToker explained: “So at the moment I don’t think I have the required Hayya card needed to get to Qatar.

“Usually, for Americans, it’s visa-free entry to this country.

“However, because of the ongoing World Cup, they introduced the Hayya pass system.

“So to get a Hayya Pass you need to buy a ticket to one of the games.

“You can then bring up to three people on your Hayya Pass, but they also have to pay $130.

“Well, I went through this whole system, got to the airport in Kuwait and tried to get on my plane.

“I paid for everything to get to Qatar, even my Hayya passport, and they made it almost impossible to actually get my card.

“So once again I am wasting money not to go to Qatar.

“I didn’t have my Hayya Pass yet so I was denied boarding, I didn’t board, instead I flew to Dubai which means I had to buy a ticket on the spot.”

Chloe added that the Hayya Pass was emailed to her right after she arrived in Dubai.

She said: “When I landed in Dubai, guess what I received in my email.

“My Hayya passport just arrived. “I got here literally 30 minutes ago.

“Thanks for nothing Qatar. I may never see you.

“It’s just a PSA. Wait for the Hayya Pass to come, it’s not worth it.”

Her followers were quick to point out that it was his fault she left the country, although she explained she sent her application a month in advance.

One said: “You did not comply with the entry requirements.”

Another added: “In any country where you don’t follow the rules you will be denied your loss.”

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