Saturday, January 21, 2023

I used to be a cashier at Tesco and there’s a reason we always try to get in touch with you

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A FORMER Tesco employee has revealed the reason supermarket checkout staff are always trying to speak to customers.

Louisa Sheringham explained in a video on TikTok how she received specific instructions from her manager to try and strike up a conversation with everyone she served.

“When I was working at Tesco, my manager told me that I had to try and strike up a conversation with every person that comes through my register because I might be the only person they speak to that day,” he said you.

In response to Louisa’s video, many people took to the comments section to reflect on what her manager told her.

“Can I come to Tesco with the label ‘I’m an introvert please don’t talk to me’,” one person wrote.

“And that’s why I don’t have conversations with people,” added another.

“That’s why I never spoke to clients,” wrote a third.

And someone else added: “Note to self * Avoid shopping at Tesco * As an introvert I would hate to feel obligated to speak to a stranger while surrounded by strangers listening!”

Louisa continued her video to admit her manager’s direction led to some “very, very interesting stories”.

“Today I’m going to tell you about a real conversation I had at the Tesco checkouts on my first day at work,” she said, before recalling a customer who bought “a lot of dog food”.

As she went through the dog food, she asked the man, “So what kind of dog do you have?”

To her surprise, he replied that he didn’t have a dog, prompting her to ask, “Oh… so you have a friend who has a dog?”

When he said no again, he added, “This is for me.”

She then asked, “How, for your dog?”

To which he replied: “The apocalypse is coming and dog food has a longer sell-by date than most other cans on the shelf… well. I buy dog ​​food so I can survive the apocalypse.”

When she asked if he would eat the dog food himself, he replied, “It can’t be that bad!”

But others said the policy should brighten the day of customers – particularly those who live alone and have limited social interactions.

One viewer replied, “Then you’ve got regular customers walking through your checkout line because they know you’re nice!”

Another added, “This was definitely the only conversation they had that day.”

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