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I tried on my old Hooters uniform and now I really miss it – people say I have to go back


After trying on her old Hooters uniform, a woman has shared online how she missed working at the restaurant.

The young woman went down memory lane and revived old nostalgic feelings in a popular online video.

TikTok user Maddie, also known as @maddie.wine919 on the platform, typically posts relationship content with her significant other and regular events in her life.

She changed things by giving viewers a glimpse of what she looked like when she used to work at Hooters.

In the short video, she dons the black Hooters uniform and shows off her slim figure and slim body shape to her online audience.

Appropriately captioned, “I tried on my old Hooters uniform and now I miss them and everyone I worked with,” Maddie sums up her feelings in just a few words.

The video begins with the young woman leaning in front of the camera and showing off her breasts.

She wears the black Hooters uniform, a long-sleeved black shirt with the signature logo, black shorts, and mandatory tights, socks and Skechers sneakers.

Maddie doesn’t wear makeup and has wet hair in the video, but she still looks naturally beautiful.

She steps away from the camera to see the full-length outfit.

She does a series of moves including throwing up two thumbs, extending one leg up, and posing with her hands on her hips.

As the video ends, she walks to the camera and resumes her position from the beginning of the video.

This time, she gives viewers a sad frown before exiting TikTok.

Numerous people complimented her in the comments, many even telling her to go back.

“Hey babe when you come back,” commented one viewer.

“Middle no I’m just playing you look great beat ’em dead tonight,” added another.

“Beautiful and looks amazing,” praised another.



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