Friday, January 20, 2023

I sell wedding dresses and mothers of brides always worry that their daughters will show too many breasts – I always give the same advice

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A WOMAN who makes a living selling wedding dresses has revealed her top tips for the mothers of the bride.

The US-based woman who owns wedding dress boutique Boise shared her findings.

Taking to TikTok, the bridal shop owner shared her advice for moms worried their daughters will show too much cleavage on their big day.

And the woman who has years of experience helping brides choose their dream wedding dress has some words of wisdom for them.

In the video, she wrote, “Moms you need to stop obsessing over your daughter’s cleavage in her wedding dress.”

The wedding dress seller revealed that the bride should wear whatever makes her feel special at her wedding, regardless of what others might say or do.

She added, “If Uncle Dave is going to make inappropriate comments, maybe Uncle Dave shouldn’t be at the wedding.”

“Advice from a bridal shop owner,” she captioned the post.

The video soon went viral with over 3.4 million views and over 800,000 likes.

People quickly took to the video’s comments section to share their thoughts.

Many people agreed with the bridal shop owner, claiming it was their wedding, their choice.

One wrote: “It’s not your wedding, it’s not your dress, it’s not your choice.”

Another person commented, “‘You’re really going to wear that in front of your pastor?’ I’m sorry, but my pastor better not be looking.”

“SAY IT LOUD! Wear whatever makes you feel nice on your day,” added a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: “Before shopping for the wedding dress I told my mum that if she made any comments about my body or my modesty she would be kicked out. She was calm. It was great.”

“YAAAS! Buy the dress that makes you feel beautiful and confident, regardless of what anyone says,” claimed a fifth.

Another person wrote, “Saving this to send to my mom when I get married.”

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