Friday, January 20, 2023

I have big boobs and tried TikTok’s viral bra hack – your top will never slide down again

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A large-busted WOMAN tried the viral TikTok bra hack and claims your top will never fall down again.

Nana Castro had to compromise on what top styles she could wear due to her cleavage and constantly exposed bras.

She shared a TikTok video of her attempting a viral bra hack that she originally found from content creator Shayna Moretti.

First wearing a wrap crop top tied in a bow, Nana showed her black bra peeking out from either side of the plunging neckline as well as down the center of her chest.

“If I tell you, I’ve had this shirt for years,” she said, pausing in surprise when she realized the tags were still on.

“I’ve never worn it because when you tie it, it’s just bra everywhere. And if I don’t wear a bra, it’s too aggressive,” she added.

She then tried Shayna’s hack of tucking one side of the tie over the middle band of her bra and then pulling it back out through the bottom.

She pulled the tie all the way down and taut.

Nana then did this in reverse on the other side.

She tucked the other band up from the bottom and then pulled it out over the middle band.

The straps wrap completely around the bra band, covering it completely.

She tightened both ties and quickly tied a bow on them. Nana then tugged slightly on the neckline to adjust.

And already nothing more of Nana’s bra could be seen. Her shirt was also tied tight now.

“How many shirts did I throw away?” Nana exclaimed, impressed by the hack.

Nana was praised for sharing this simple but effective trick, and many people said they found it to be a common problem.

“I haven’t stopped wearing shirts like this since I saw this trick,” said one TikTok user.

The hack has also been called a “game changer” and “life changing” by others.

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