Monday, November 28, 2022

I got dressed up at my gym because I was wearing shorts and a crop top – I couldn’t believe it

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WHEN it comes to exercising, most of us just want to feel comfortable and left alone to do our thing.

But one woman says her gym experience was ruined when she was called out about her clothes.

A woman was dresscoded at her gym.

Exercising is a personal experience, and many of us go to the gym to unwind and focus on our goals.

Ana, who is known on TikTok as @ana.getsfit, said she recently received “a dress code at the gym.”

What outfit could have caused such a stir? The shocking part was that by most people’s standards, it wasn’t anything inappropriate.

The 25-year-old posed in a simple crop top tank top paired with skinny biker shorts.

The shorts completely covered her bottom and her breasts were also completely covered.

She barely showed her waist.

“The fit wasn’t that bad at all?” she added, while a sound that reads “h**, h**, h**” played in the background.

In her caption, she revealed the possible rationale for this unjustified appeal: where she lives.

“That’s Nebraska for you. My fit wasn’t even that revealing.”

Users in the comments couldn’t believe their standard workout attire caused this inappropriate reaction.

“No way! At my gym, every girl wears next to nothing,” one person noted.

“CAN YOU GET A DRESS CODE AT THE GYM?!?” asked another.

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A third revealed they had the same experience at their gym and shared the explanation they gave her.

“This happened to me and they said other women might not be as comfortable showing their bodies so I should cover up so they feel included,” they wrote.

She was surprised at her simple outfit
The spectators came to her defense
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