Wednesday, January 18, 2023

I got a tattoo of a Greek goddess but didn’t follow the rules about inking – now it’s compared to a sex toy

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ONE person’s tattoo was ruthlessly posted online after people compared it to a sex toy.

An unfortunate woman shared a picture of her new tattoo on social media, which was quickly posted on Reddit by a user who said it was supposed to be a statue of a Greek goddess.

However, due to its “poor ranking”, it was ridiculed by users.

The picture shows the tattoo of a headless statue under the word “Welcome”.

The placement of the design on the side of the person’s knee left many confused when viewing the image.

One comment read: “Sh***y dildo tattoo.”

Another added: “Maybe I’m not looking at it right but it looks s*** to me.

A third Reddit user shared an important tattoo rule so placement doesn’t ruin the design.

They said, “My last artist had that [me] kneeling, stretching and stuff to see what would happen if I moved… so important because that could happen.”

Another commenter agreed: “Oof they really should have let her sit with the template on the first wtf.”

Many couldn’t even figure out what the design was supposed to be.

“It’s a headless Greek statue, the top point is the beginning of her right arm. I hope that helps?” someone explained.

Meanwhile, one woman said she tried getting a crescent moon tattoo when she was 15 and the results got messed up.

Also, one mum has been mercilessly trolled over her Tyson Fury tattoo but says she doesn’t care because the Gypsy King said he loved the tribute.

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