Thursday, January 19, 2023

I got a corn dog tattoo – it’s compared to a wound and that’s not the worst thing people say it looks like

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A REDDITOR’s corn dog tattoo didn’t get the reaction they were hoping for when users compared it to a lesion and bacteria.

The unique tattoo featured the words Strength, Beauty, Courage, and Tranquility around the goodies in script letters.

Six_OneSS featured the tattoo on the Reddit thread S****y Tattoos, but it was ridiculed.

One said: “Corn dogs are pretty generous. It looks like some kind of rash or lesion.”

While another wrote: “Looks like d ****s on a d ** k (sic).”

Redditors said they thought the sausages looked like bacteria.

Others thought the artist botched the tattoo, with one saying he intended to inking the word bold but “amplified the landing.”

The tattoo has also been compared to the spongy plant cattails.

Cattails look dense like corn cobs, but thousands of seeds explode and shoot into the air if the plant is pinched.

One Redditor joked, “Bulrushes! Lol, as a kid I always wanted to grab one and as an adult I finally did.

“Not recommendable. Fuzzies everywhere.”

Meanwhile, a mother was trolled by online users after she shared her back tattoo.

The young mom took part in a viral TikTok trend that saw people showing off their back tattoos.

But people were stunned when the woman walking past Crusty A*s Mom on TikTok revealed hers.

In the short clip, she took off her Nike t-shirt to reveal the huge tattoo on her right shoulder.

The tattoo shows an image of the baby Grinch from the Christmas movie, decorated with a string of lights.

The text reads: “Santa, bye-bye”, from the scene where the baby Grinch eats the plate of Christmas cookies.

The video soon went viral with over two million views and trolls were quick to share their reactions in the video’s comments section.

One wrote: “This is literally the funniest tattoo I’ve ever seen.”

Another person commented, “Nothing could have prepared me for this.”

“Imagine someone hitting her from behind ‘kids goodbye,'” wrote a third.

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