Wednesday, November 30, 2022

I found an angry note on my car slamming my parking space but I was left in white lines – everyone is shocked by my reaction

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A DRIVER who found an angry note stuck to his car above his parking lot has shocked onlookers with his reaction.

In a video on TikTok, the car owner shows the angry message left for him, claiming he had wrong-parked.

The man returned to his car and found an angry note
He decided to lead by example by taking responsibility for the situation
In response, the young man left a friendly apology

The note read: “Please park your car properly. Spare a thought for someone.”

The young man explained that while his parking spot was within the white lines, he felt it could have been better.

He wrote: “While it was still in the box it was weird but no excuses. Bad is bad.

“For upsetting the driver next to me, I decided to apologize by offering something sweet.”



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Rather than reacting with anger, the TikTokker revealed his next move.

To try and make amends, the man wrote back his own note, which read: “Dear Sir. I’m sorry I messed up your night with my bad parking spot.

“Here’s something to brighten your day. Hopefully. Peace.”

Along with the note, he left a box of chocolates.

The creator, Mister_Erw1n, captioned the clip: “We must learn to admit our mistakes in order to correct ourselves.”

The video has been viewed more than 135,000 times and received more than 174 comments, many praising his reaction.

One person said: “Sheeshhh my guy literally killed her with kindness

Another said: “Oh how do you know it’s the car next to you that wrote the note but a very nice touch.”

The poster replied: Dashcam. Many Thanks.”

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