Monday, June 27, 2022

I AM MAX VANSTAPEN The Ford Supervan 4 is a Transit that’s stronger than two F1 cars – but it’ll still carry your wrenches

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I don’t know about you, but in my experience handymen aren’t the best at keeping time.

You always have a million things to do, gathering materials and fixing the mother-in-law leak before the day even starts.

But I think I found the solution to their timing problems. Ford built a Transit that’s more powerful than two F1 cars combined – and it still has room for your wrenches.

Put it in the hands of any plumber in the UK and we’ll have all our repairs done in lightning speed.

Hypercars from Ferrari, McLaren, Aston Martin, Porsche, Bugatti and Koenigsegg are nothing new. But this is the first Hypervan.

Press the green “rocket ship” button on the steering wheel and you have just that.

Four electric motors with an incredible 2,038 hp, 0-100 km/h in a dizzying two seconds and a top speed of over 200 km/h.

It goes like transit from a shovel. One moment you’re here and the next you’re all the way over there.

But I have to say, as impressive as the full boost is, it’s the other fun buttons on Supervan 4 that really get me going.

There’s DRIFT mode (for real Ken Block style donut fun), RALLY mode (for gravel roads), and my new personal favorite, TIRE CLEAN mode.

Keh? It brakes one axle completely while the other spins, for front or rear wheel burnout.

This is a real crowd pleaser, as is the Le Mans-style “air jack” that lifts the van for quick wheel changes.

The “Supervan 4” is street legal, can tow a two-ton trailer and can be charged at Tesco like a normal electric vehicle.

Which, with only a 35km range at full race pace, you might need to do on a regular basis. It even has a pull-out loading drawer.

Ford will unleash the “Supervan 4” – based on the next-generation Transit Custom – at today’s Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​in Sussex.

It could potentially set a new hill climb record in the right conditions. He will then embark on a world tour attempting speed records at other iconic motorsport venues such as Pikes Peak and the North Tail and promoting super-fast Ford Pro connectivity in regular everyday transit.

Supervan 4 Project Manager Mike Norton said: “We wanted to build this record-breaking Swiss Army knife machine. Something that will excite electric vehicles and show what Ford is capable of.”

job done.

Mike added: “If you look from the side it looks like a Transit van. If you look from the front, it looks like a Transit van.

“It’s only when you get close and look at the rear three-quarters that you see the F1-style shark fin. We did a lot of work on the overall airflow of the van.

“There’s a Le Mans-style cooling duct that runs from the front of the van to the back.”

Perfect. You could store 2 x 2 wood in it.

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