Friday, August 12, 2022

Huge structures discovered on the sun

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The sun shows huge spots on its surface, among other structures.

One day, the structures — magnetic filaments stretching far above the surface — could hurl debris toward Earth that would arrive as a solar flare.

A growing and large sunspot has also been discovered on the surface of the Sun, which could also be ejecting material that would affect life on Earth.

But they seem to be behaving so far, and there’s no immediate evidence that regions on the Sun are becoming solar flares.

Some reports suggest the sunspots are “threatening” and could cause power outages on Earth.

If the sunspots erupted in flares, they could actually affect satellites, GPS, and power grids when they hit Earth.

They also face the earth, increasing the threat of flares.

Dubbed AR3055, one giant sunspot is more than 100,000 kilometers across. They appear as dark clumps on the Sun – evidenced by the fact that they are relatively cold, although of course they are still very hot.

It is not clear how these active regions on the Sun first grew, and whether they were newly appeared for the first time or grew out of an existing and smaller patch.

Space weather conditions are completely calm for now. The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center states that no significant space weather was observed.

The only space weather fluctuations it has tracked is a relatively small geomagnetic storm, which it classifies as minor. Under such conditions, there can be weak fluctuations in the power grid, small impact on the operation of satellites, and impact on migratory animals and the Northern Lights.

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