Saturday, June 25, 2022

HOT WHEELS Urgent warning to drivers before heading out into 34C Scorcher today

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DRIVERS should be wary of hitting the road in today’s scorching 34C heatwave, motor experts have warned.

The RAC forecast a “brief sharp spike in breakdowns” as mercury spikes across the country today.

The automotive group urged drivers to check their oil and coolant levels, especially before a long drive.

Today’s temperatures are expected to hit the hottest day of the year for the third day in a row with a sizzling high of 34C on “Fiery Friday”.

Studies on the ‘greenhouse effect’ in cars have found that an outside temperature of 22°C can heat up your car to 47°C in an hour – so Brits need to be extra careful when temperatures soar.

RAC spokesman Rod Dennis said: “With the temperature rising very rapidly this week we expect a short sharp spike in breakdowns, particularly in the central and southern parts of the UK.

“It is important that drivers do not get caught, so we advise them to check their car’s oil and coolant levels as soon as possible, especially if planning a long drive during the hottest part of the day.”

The automotive group also advised drivers to keep themselves and their passengers, as well as their car, happy.

Rod added: “Riders should also stay hydrated, which has been shown to have a positive impact on their focus.

“Passengers should also be kept as cool and comfortable as possible, so carry plenty of water and plan enough breaks to avoid heating up an already hot car even more.”

Fortunately, the RAC offered advice on how to avoid a breakdown this summer.

One of the most important checks before a long trip is to inspect the cooling system.

A leaky cooling system or a defective cooling fan can overheat your car and lead to expensive damage.

Check that your electric fan is working properly and that your V-belt is present.

If you have a convertible top, why not check you can operate it correctly to avoid awkward delays later – and make sure you know how to open or close it manually if necessary.

Check your jack and wheel wrench to make sure you can change a spare wheel if necessary. If locking wheel nuts are installed, make sure the locking key is securely stowed in the vehicle.

Leaving certain items in your car could actually endanger your vehicle, Select Car Leasing warned.

Plastic water bottles left in a burning car could act like a magnifying glass and actually pose a fire hazard.

Soft drink cans could burst and leak, and deodorant could even explode.

The heat can also cause irreparable damage to equipment you leave in your hot wheels, and the temperatures could spoil your sunscreen too.

When it comes to driving, a sneaky rule could also catch motorists as temperatures soar today.

If you forget this, you could end up in hot water with your sunglasses on when driving in hot weather – you could be slapped with a £1,000 fine or three points on your driving licence.

To keep yourself as safe as possible, make sure you’ve prepared to ride a long distance in the heat.

Make your car as cool as possible and resist the temptation to drive barefoot or wear flip flops.

Rail networks could also be affected by the hot weather as train services suffer from the heat.

Network Rail tweeted: “Temperatures will rise in parts of the UK this weekend.

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