Friday, August 5, 2022

Google’s new update has made the search more specific

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Google has improved the way search returns more specific results.

Recently, users have been able to search Google for an exact word or phrase by putting quotation marks around it.

Now the search giant is improving this further. “The snippets we display for search results (i.e. the text you see that describes web content) are formed around where a quoted word or phrase occurs in a web document,” wrote Yonghao Jin, a software developer at Search, in a blog post.

“This means it’s easier for you to see where to find them after you’ve clicked the link and visited the content. On desktop, we will also bold the cited material.”

Previously, Google had rejected this change because the quoted phrase appeared in the middle of a document — where the surrounding context wouldn’t produce a helpful snippet — but decided it was more useful to see where the cited material occurs on a document page, rather than a general description of the site.

In its post, Google added some caveats about the effectiveness of cited searches, which may not match what’s immediately visible on a page.

“Sometimes cited searches will match content contained within a web page that is not readily visible, making it appear as if the content is not on the page when in fact it is.”

Google has also made changes to its other products and recently gave Gmail a new look.

The new Gmail experience combines Meet, Chat, and Spaces – its messaging, video, and group calling features – with the main client.

It also introduced Google’s Material You theme, which turned the compose button into a square rectangle and added a new tint to the compose button, side panel, and read emails.

“Label lovers will see separate sections for system labels (like Starred, Deferred, and Important) and custom labels that you create yourself. And people who like to chat see balloons with snippets of incoming messages and quick reply options instead of opening the full message,” Google said.

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