Wednesday, June 29, 2022

GOOD CALL? What your iPhone background says about you – and why a selfie is NOT a good sign

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YOUR phone’s background says more about you than you think.

Whether it’s a snap of the kids, your pets, or even a selfie, experts have revealed what your choice says about you.

And some are better than others…

Who doesn’t love to see their cute dog or cat?

Even if you don’t own a pet, having one as a background says a lot about you as a person.

“It shows that you love living in the fantasy world, which makes that easier for you
Connecting to more furry friends,” said Barbara Santini, psychologist and sex expert for Dimepiece LA.

“It also indicates a high level of creativity to be seen in your imagination.”

AAG’s Charles Griffiths said it’s also “probable that you’re an emotional person who finds solace in their furry friends.”

If you just left the image to one of the default images that smartphone manufacturers provide, that’s not a bad sign – it means you’re probably pretty loose.

“People choose it because it’s clear and it allows most things to be seen clearly in the phone,” Barbara said.

“Her character is simple and wins many friends.”

Charles agrees, saying you’re probably “very laid back.”

“You like simplicity and minimalism.”

According to Charles, this indicates that you are a hopeless romantic and love to show high levels of affection to people who matter most to you.

“You are loyal and like to show off your partner.”

Apparently, a selfie doesn’t look good, according to Barbara.

“If your wallpaper bears the image of your selfie, you may be a
Narcissistic or have extreme self-confidence.

“But the former carries more weight.”

“You’re a pet,” believes Charles.

“Your family is your role model and you want to be reminded that they will always be there for you.”

If you love a happy holiday and show it on your phone’s wallpaper, it is a strong indication that you are a jet setter.

“You always have a holiday ahead of you and your wallpaper is a constant reminder of it,” explains Charles.

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