Saturday, August 6, 2022

GOLDEN APPLE You’re an Apple genius if you found TWO iPhone secrets most people don’t know

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APPLE has hidden some iPhone tricks so deep you might never have seen them.

There are two Easter Eggs on your Apple cell phone that are particularly deeply hidden.

Only true iPhone geniuses will have found them.

But they were revealed in a new video by TikTok Tech Whiz @letsdodiz.

In his clip, liked by thousands of fans, the gadget genius shows exactly how to unlock them.

The first involves using the Apple Store on your iPhone.

This isn’t the app store where you download apps.

Instead, it’s the Apple Store app you would use to buy a new iPhone or iPad.

If you can’t find it, just use your iPhone search function for the phrase “Apple Store”.

Now go into the app and then navigate to the search bar.

Next, type “10 years” without the quotes.

This will create a fun balloon effect to celebrate Apple’s 10th iPhone anniversary.

You can move the balloons and even pop them with a tap of your finger.

The second iPhone trick is also hidden in the Apple Store.

Go back to the search bar and now type “let it snow”.

Be sure to omit the quotation marks.

Once you click search you will trigger a fun snowfall effect.

It only works in the Apple Store, so make sure you’re using the right app.

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