Monday, January 16, 2023

Gemma Collins reveals she’s put on a rock and is ‘scared’ to weigh herself

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GEMMA Collins announced that she took 1st place and admitted that she is “scared of incriminating herself”.

The 41-year-old reality star said her weight was a “constant struggle” but vowed to shed the pounds after spoiling herself over Christmas.

Gemma – who developed a “nagging” back pain during a trip to Jerusalem last month, which was later diagnosed as a pinched nerve – told fans she threw out junk food to lose weight.

“Not only did we have a magical time, we went to Tel Aviv and me and Rami were all in love again,” Gemma recalled.

“We’ve never not been in love, we’re in love more than ever and we just really bonded.

“I did some really good things while I was there, naturally it was amazing.

“I ate grape leaves, hummus, falafel.

“Basically I probably kept going, no joke… seven to ten pounds, even a rock.

“I’m afraid to step on the scale, I refuse to step on the scale.”

The Essex star said her back injury meant she was unable to exercise and instead made it a point to stick to a healthy eating plan.

“What I want to talk to you about is goal setting. In life, it’s good to have that vision of what you want to be or do,” she told listeners on her GC podcast.

“I think January, February, March is a time when I definitely need to move on and start exercising and shed some of that weight.

“I’m absolutely sick of it, as you all know I struggle with my weight as I have PCOS and an underactive thyroid and it’s a constant struggle for me all the time.

“When my back went, I figured I really needed to put the treats down.”

Last week, Gemma shared how she developed excruciating pain in her back and feet during her pilgrimage to Jerusalem with her fiancé, Rami Hawash.

The star invited a personal trainer, physical therapist and spiritual healer to her home to ease her discomfort.

Speaking about her treatment afterwards, Gemma said: “I’m in agony. Oh my god, this man is the GOD. In a session I’m walking, I’m up, I’m in the kitchen. I can’t tell you, the agony I’ve been in is like a curse.

She continued, “I don’t know what happened. Whoever put the curse on me, take it off. It was nothing but trouble when I returned to the UK.”

And it seemed like the only session was all Gemma needed.

She wrote on Instagram: “It’s a miracle. I’m up this morning walking like a new woman. phew Now let’s get 2023 on the road, thanks.”

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