Monday, June 27, 2022

GAME OVER I’m a Call of Duty gamer star on TikTok – if I had $1 every time guys asked me the same question I’d be rich

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A CALL of Duty streamer posted a TikTok with the most persistent question she’s received from followers.

Gaming streams are not dating apps – but apparently some gamers still have to learn that.

GulagQueenXo is a gaming streamer with over 20,000 followers on TikTok.

In a post, she shared that many men are throwing thirsty DM requests into their inboxes, many asking to play Warzone.

One sympathetic commenter wrote: “Nah she aired the 1 guy just trying to run CoD.”

She replied “Darlin if I had £1 for every man asking to play wz I would be loaded.”

GulagQueen’s entry was brimming with irony – the super pumped electronic music playing across the video leads viewers to believe she’s exaggerating these desperate attempts.

She wrote in the comments that she gets hundreds of message requests but usually ignores them.

Gulag Queen said she cannot play with players she is not familiar with because she is scared and it would trigger it.

Gulag Queen has other cathartic posts blasting anonymous gamers for their misguided attempts to woo them over Xbox Live.

The gambling industry has grown rapidly across demographics such as age and gender.

Statistica reports that in 2021, 45% of players were women – up from 41% in 2020.

Professional gambling is a profitable enterprise, and some women have excelled in an area thought to be male-dominated.

A player using the alias Scarlett has earned almost $300 million in competitive gaming.

Gulag Queen takes it all in stride – her bio says “Only making sandwiches and washing dishes in a war zone”.

With any luck, anonymous behavior online will change as gaming becomes more diverse.

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