Friday, August 5, 2022

GAME-CHANGERS I’m a tech geek, here are 4 incredible iPhone tricks you probably didn’t know

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YOUR iPhone is packed with useful features, many of which have probably slipped under your radar.

A TikTok tech guru recently highlighted four lesser-known iPhone hacks that will make using your device a little easier.

User @katamogz highlighted her in a video shared with her 2.4 million followers earlier this year.

If an app is sending you too many notifications, you can quickly mute them from the lock screen.

The lock screen shows the current time and date, your recent notifications, and appears when you turn on or wake up your iPhone.

To temporarily stop an app from sending you notifications, swipe left on a notification and tap options.

You can then mute notifications for that service for an hour or the rest of the day.

There’s an easy way to take a screenshot of an entire webpage, rather than just the section that’s visible on your display.

First you need to take a screenshot by pressing two buttons at the same time.

On iPhones without a home button, press the power button and the volume up button at the same time.

On older devices, press the power button and home button to record one.

Tap there full page at the top of your screen and tap Finished to save the entire page as a PDF.

If you’re feeling particularly lazy, you can ask iPhone’s voice assistant, Siri, to send web links to your friends.

It’s far less fiddly than copying and pasting a link into iMessage or other chat services.

When viewing a webpage on your iPhone, simply say “Hey Siri, share this.” [name]’ (or something similar to ‘send to [name]“.

Siri shares what’s on the screen with that person via iMessage.

You probably already know about the colorful animations that you can add to your iPhone texts using special code words.

All you have to do is send someone a special trigger word via iMessage to activate each effect.

For example, typing “Pew Pew” activates a laser effect, while “Happy Birthday” causes balloons to float across the screen.

But did you know that you can create a custom screen effect using any combination of emojis?

To try it yourself, type three or fewer emojis, then press and hold Submit button (that’s the green arrow to the right of the text box).

Beat Screen at the top of your display to send them with a full-screen effect. Beat Send.

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